We are currently hiring a Director of Development. The job description can be found hereTo apply, please send your resume, cover letter, and a grant application for funding you have authored and/or championed to with Director of Development in the subject line. Position open until filled.


Fellowship Opening

We currently do not have any fellowship openings at this time, but we are always looking for volunteers. 

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Internship openings

We currently do not have any internship openings at this time, but we are always looking for volunteers. 

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local volunteer openings

We welcome volunteers to help with events, support our office staff, and take on specific projects.  

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Volunteer abroad Openings

We are currently looking for volunteers to help: 

  1. Renovate our S.O.U.L. Shack. The shack is our former offices turned pre-school. We welcome volunteers who would repaint it, put drawings and make it look like a kindergarten.
  2. Help with our mentorship program. Our mentorship program is at its early stage and relies on volunteers to help run the courses and serve as guest speakers. 
  3. Teach English lessons. We are looking for someone who could continue teaching English lessons to our host family mothers and the community at large. Uganda’s official language is English but a big number of mothers in the village didn’t get the chance to attend school due to the ancient favoring of boys. Language barrier is such a big challenge as SOUL has to use a translator in most of their communications. We hope that if the mothers can learn English, they will be able to transact business in a more advanced way and also communicate perfectly with our international volunteers.
  4. Facilitate computer lessons. We have a well-established solar computer laboratory at our offices equipped with a projector and 20 computers that are networked. We provide free computer lessons to our sponsored students in the holidays and during school time; the lab is open to the rest of the community during school time. We welcome local and international volunteers  to come and team up with our Computer instructor to help out. 
  5. Help at construction sites. We always need help with new construction, including mixing concrete, painting, providing water at the site, etc.
  6. Document our impact. We welcome expertise in film making, photography and videos to cover the overwhelming S.O.U.L beneficiary stories and project progress.

*Don't see something you like here? Don't worry, we can tailor your volunteer experience to match your needs and interests. Let us know what you want to do and we'll work with you to make it happen. 

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