When we leave mothers behind, we leave everyone behind.

Every woman deserves the right to a safe and healthy pregnancy, but more importantly, every mother and her newborn deserve the opportunity to live and to thrive. That’s why S.O.U.L. Foundation’s Maternal Health Network is currently helping women and her family in 16 villages throughout rural Uganda — areas that are the hardest to reach and furthest away from help. Will you join us in our goal to raise $50,000 to empower women, like Sania (pictured above), to give birth with dignity?

In this fight for maternal health, every dollar matters. Every life matters.


S.O.U.L. Foundation will not share your information with any outside parties and will only be used to follow-up regarding your tax-deductible donation. S.O.U.L. Foundation reserves the right to utilize your gift for Maternal Health Programs or any other programming currently happening or to happen in Uganda in the future.