We partner with parents and over 40 Ugandan schools to make education possible for children. Families pay 50% of a student's fees, and we pay 50%. Parents are also responsible for becoming more involved in their children’s education through our parents' committees. To date, over 450 students have been sponsored from the primary to the university level. The majority of sponsored students are girls, who are disproportionately denied access to education.

This year, we expanded our student sponsorship program into the rural Iganga District with the help of the Nathan Yip Foundation, creating the Nathan Yip Educational Fund that provides 26 students access to education. 

Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program works to support and keep secondary students in school, a time when they are more at-risk to drop out. Working with partner secondary schools, this weekly course covers topics on building strong self-esteem and leadership, making healthy decisions, and creating a brighter future.

Older secondary students are also paired with younger students to learn and support one another. With the support of the Waterloo Foundation, the program is launching in four new schools, benefiting over 1,000 young people.


Our preschool (pre-primary) program provides a safe childcare environment for working mothers and an enriching early childhood education curriculum that prepares young children for formal education. 

The program is staffed by three Ugandan teachers and enrolls 130 students annually. 





We provide students and community members with access to computers and computer training to help further prepare them for university studies and other job opportunities.

In 2014, we partnered with solar engineers from the Colorado School of Mines to create a solar-powered computer lab at our community center. The lab is now used by over 80 Ugandans weekly.  

Additionally, we also setup a computer lab with 10 Raspberry Pi computers at a rural secondary school for 300 students, which helps bridge the gap between rural and urban students.