Fish Farm Project



S.O.U.L. Foundation has collaborated with BEL (Bujugali Energy Limited) to construct tilapia fish ponds in remote villages in Uganda.  The objective of commercial fish farming is not only to produce fish at competitive market prices but, also, to create a sustainable source of nutritious food security in densely-populated rural areas of Africa.

BEL/Sithe Global was responsible for constructing and completing a 250mw hydroelectric dam on Uganda's Nile River, near S.O.U.L. Foundation's headquarters in Bujugali Falls.  S.O.U.L.’s Fish Farm Project empowers teams of men and women to construct, care, and maintain fish ponds (each 500 sq. meters) with the goal of producing over 12,000 fish per year.  The program creates food security for an entire village while offering villagers the means to participate in local and regional markets, thus increasing the annual income of program participants by 300 percent!

Following our philosophy of partnering with communities, S.O.U.L. provides the starting capital for the fish stock, fish feed, pond construction materials and tools.  In collaboration with the community and with technical experts provided by S.O.U.L., villagers work tirelessly digging the ponds, building the necessary infrastructure and maintaining the site. Brooke Stern, co-founder of S.O.U.L., explains:  "This allows the community to be a stakeholder in the project. It makes them appreciate that they are not working for S.O.U.L. but, instead, are creating a sustainable business for themselves which will also benefit their community."

The cooperatives consist of 11-15 members who receive the full profit, part of which is then invested into the next cycle of fish and feed. Every six months the cycle continues resulting in a sustainable source of food and income for an entire village. 

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