Fish Farm Project



In partnership with Bujugali Energy Limited (BEL) and the local communities, S.O.U.L. constructed tilapia fish ponds in remote villages in Uganda. The commercial fish farming not only provides fish at competitive market prices but, also, creates a sustainable source of food security in densely-populated rural areas of Eastern Uganda. Following our philosophy of partnering with communities, S.O.U.L. provided the starting capital for the fish stock, fish feed, pond construction materials and tools.  In collaboration with the community and with technical experts provided by S.O.U.L., villagers worked tirelessly digging the ponds, building the necessary infrastructure and maintaining the site.


The two cooperatives now consist of 9-15 members each who receive the full profit, part of which is then invested into the next cycle of fish and feed. Every six months, the cycle continues resulting in a sustainable source of food and income for an entire village.


Project successes to-date include: 

  • 8 fish ponds established at two different community sites. 
  • 50,000 fish produced annually valued at roughly $23,000. 
  • The fish increase food security in the surrounding villages and are also sold throughout East Africa. 
  • One of the fish pond sites is fully financially self-sustaining under the management of the community and the other one is on its way. 
  • Over 20 members of the fish cooperatives with additional family members contributing and benefiting. 
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