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Volunteering abroad is the most meaningful and inspiring way to travel. To spend a few weeks, or even months, of your life volunteering your time towards improving the lives of a Ugandan family or child can bring great rewards.  As a young organization, we are flexible and work to tailor your experience to be the best possible. You have the option of jumping into one of our current projects or designing your own. Learn more below and then hop over to apply



Our volunteer fee includes accommodation (lodging and all meals) with a local family, private pickup at the Entebbe Airport (3-4 hours away), transportation within all the S.O.U.L. Projects, language lessons, and full-time volunteer coordinator!

  • 1 week - $675 per person
  • 2 weeks - $875 per person
  • 4 weeks - $1075 per person

Shorter or longer stays will be prorated. 



Click here to see a volunteer sample itinerary. (This schedule is only meant to be a guideline. Changes may be made daily, based on what you’re most excited about and interested in.)

Interested in adding an adventure to your trip? The village of Bujagali is rapidly developing into the adventure capital of East Africa. Riding ATV's, bungee jumping, swimming in the Nile, horseback riding, whitewater rafting or kayaking are just a few of the many activities that you can partake in when you volunteer with S.O.U.L. Check out our suggested list of recreational activities.


Check out our apply page for more info and programs that are in need of volunteers and required paperwork.

Once you've reviewed, fill out the volunteer questionnaire form

Following review, our staff will contact you to learn more about you.

All volunteers must be vetted and approved by our US and Uganda Staff. If approved, we will work with you to plan out your trip and volunteer project over a course of several meetings, either in person or over the phone.

All volunteers are required to sign the S.O.U.L. Volunteer Form and Waiver prior to departure.

Half (50%) of volunteer fee must be paid at least one month prior to departure and the remaining amount must be paid prior to departure.



Check our apply page for a list of our programs most in need of volunteers.

Don't see something for you? Don't worry, we can tailor your volunteer experience to match your needs and interests. Let us know what you want to do and we'll make it happen!  



“This experience for me inspired me to develop a world vision of service… The benefits are twofold: they are helped by my work and I am refreshed by their love and joyful attitude about life. I would highly recommend volunteering for S.O.U.L., it will change the way you see life and how you live it out.” -Justin Cardenas, Volunteer
“The trip gave me the unique opportunity to experience Africa and, more importantly, allowed me to give something back to their community. The locals were very friendly, hospitable and did their best to make us feel at home. Looking back, the trip helped me learn about a foreign culture, develop as an individual and instilled important values in me.” -Nabil Ahmed, Volunteer
“The Uganda trip was indeed an eye opener… The trip was great and we were all forced to step out of our comfort zone and embrace something completely new to us and I believe it helped me grow.” -Akanksha Menon, Volunteer
"My experience volunteering in Uganda with S.O.U.L. was refreshing and life-changing.  It was inspiring to see such loving, pure, and happy people in the village of Bujagali Falls.  And it was obvious to see the significant impact that S.O.U.L. has made on the village.  I miss the family I stayed with and everybody in the village dearly! Wasuze!" -Nick Brown, Volunteer