My Long Journey to Uganda, Part 3

By Omari Jinaki

S.O.U.L. Board Member and Student Sponsor

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Looking ahead, S.O.U.L.'s framework will become a model for programs across the world. I will have a lifetime connection and contribution to S.O.U.L., and just as importantly, I will continue to be emboldened, uplifted, and fueled by what S.O.U.L. and its community provide me.

Kafumufu, Omari's sponsored student

Kafumufu, Omari's sponsored student

Personally, I would love to sponsor another student beginning with their first year in primary school, seeing them all the way through university. I would also love for my current student Kafumufu to begin sponsoring a student, which he agrees is a goal of his.

Here are a few other goals I have my mind and heart set on:

  1. Replicating the S.O.U.L. model. Demonstrating the impact and replicating the successful model are long-term goals I will contribute towards.
  2. Driving post-university career opportunities. S.O.U.L. will inevitably lend a hand in empowering Ugandans to fuel job creation, to spur demand, and to drive economic growth in new sectors.
  3. Unleashing the full potential of women and girls. There's an exciting future ahead of us as girls and women employ their strengths with freedom. We have only barely begun to see the true talent that abounds.
  4. Spurring successful non-traditional career paths. I want to continue to see S.O.U.L. become a conduit for Ugandans to meld their passion with strong business acumen to live a life they love and earn a satisfying income for!

I look forward to continuing to play a role in assisting all in the S.O.U.L. community to live with dignity and choice.