Rockflower Global Ambassadors - Taylor and Emily

Last summer, Rockflower Global Ambassadors Taylor Washburn and Emily Chandler volunteered with S.O.U.L. in Jinja. Rockflower is an impact philanthropic fund which partners with organizations promoting locally led solutions for women and girls around the world. Rockflower has been partnering with S.O.U.L. to build our maternal health outreach programs.

Having gotten married only a month before they came to Uganda, Taylor and Emily asked for people to donate to S.O.U.L.’s maternal health programs instead of receiving wedding gifts.  As volunteers, they spent their time working closely with our Antenatal Education Center, our pre-primary school, and our women’s cooperatives. They worked side by side with our staff and were even hosted by a local family.

Here’s what Taylor and Emily had to say about their time with us:

“Through our volunteer experience, we have learned about the different components of what S.O.U.L. does through the Antenatal Education Classes, ultrasound scanning program, the planned birthing center, and how S.O.U.L. supports community health leaders. We were thrilled to see how impactful these programs can be to the community that S.O.U.L. works in.  

We decided to use our wedding to leverage generosity for community development and to provide as much as we can to support S.O.U.L.. Being on ground has given us so much joy to feel firsthand what we really are investing in.”

Taylor and Emily wrote a series of great blog pieces about their time in Uganda working with other Rockflower partners and with S.O.U.L. Foundation. Read more about their experience at S.O.U.L. here and check out their other posts here!

We thank these two amazing people for trading their wedding gifts to help equip and empower mothers in Uganda with a safe and dignified childbirth!