U.S. Ambassador to Uganda Visits S.O.U.L. and Donates Books

The United States Ambassador to Uganda Scott DeLisi paid a special visit to and recognized S.O.U.L. Foundation at S.O.U.L.’s headquarters in Bujagali Village, Uganda. During his visit, DeLisi saw firsthand S.O.U.L.’s programs, visited with S.O.U.L.’s beneficiaries, and donated 230 books for the Foundation and the community’s use on behalf of the American people. While speaking to the community, DeLisi said,

 "S.O.U.L. has created an incredible community model that I speak about wherever I go. I talk about this community and this organization all the time. This is the true story of success. The story of a true partnership, and what a proper model for development looks like."

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