S.O.U.L. Expands into Iganga

We are thrilled to be nearing completion of our organization's newest physical expansion in Iganga district! Our new S.O.U.L. Center now has four walls, a roof, and windows to let the beautiful sunshine in. Take a look at the photos to see how far you've helped us come in the last few months!

The idea for this project began two years ago with the vision of the Iganga community members. Since beginning to work with this community, we have constructed a 7-stance latrine at a local primary school, established two goat cooperatives with 40 women, and accepted 36 students from the new district into our student sponsorship program.

Once the Iganga Center is complete, we will be able to expand our current programs and launch even more programs, including computer classes and tailoring. This center will provide daily educational and economic opportunities for over 150 community members. We hope to open our doors by the end of April!

We are still currently funding this project, so please head here to contribute to the S.O.U.L. Center. Thank you so much for your support and for helping us bring this idea to reality!