Our Principles

Empower Individuals.                

Innovate Sustainable Solutions. 

Address Global Challenges.        

Forge Partnerships.

Seek Local Knowledge.               

Defend Human Dignity. 


Our Model

We use a Community-Driven Development (CDD) Model in the design, implementation, and evaluation of all programs. 

The cost and effort behind every S.O.U.L. initiative are shared by the community members, making them stakeholders in the success and long-term sustainability of holistic programs that address several facets of poverty.  



We are a community-driven organization with big plans. Learn a bit more below about our strategic goals and join us


We will continue to:

  • Initiate projects that are community-driven and sustainable.
  • Put education, both inside and outside of a classroom, at the forefront of all initiatives. 
  • Create opportunities that unlock community members' potential. 
  • Provide Ugandan women and girls a voice. 
  • Measure and assess the impact of our programs. 
  • Expand further into rural Uganda.

Program specific:


  • Expand our Student Sponsorship program in financial partnership with families and Ugandan schools to increase access to education. We will continue to focus on girls, students from rural areas, those transitioning from the primary to secondary education and secondary to higher-education. 
  • Expand our mentorship program in partnership with Ugandan secondary schools, with a focus on girls, to increase student retention and graduation. and guidance 
  • Launch a self-sustained vocational school to create opportunities and fill jobs. 
  • Replicate our successful computer training program in the Iganga District to reduce the skills gap between rural students and their urban counterparts. 

Women's Empowerment: 

  • Continue to support new income-generating cooperatives formed by the women themselves. 
  • Launch a domestic violence training program to further empower and equip women in our communities. 
  • Facilitate a women's peer mentoring group. 
  • Expand the Mulungi program (Ugandan crafts) and further showcase ethical, fair-trade fashion.

Food Security: 

  • Launch a solar drip irrigation system to facilitate year-round farming and increased yields. 
  • Establish solar greenhouses to facilitate year-round farming and increased yields. 
  • Replicate our successful Livestock Learning Center in the Iganga District.
  • Explore sustainable avenues for nutritious and abundant food through our current agriculture, livestock, chicken, and aquaculture programs. 

Maternal Health: 

  • Expand our Antenatal Education Center to increase families' and Village Health Teams' (VHTs) knowledge of maternal and newborn care. 
  • Launch an emergency transport system with a SMS platform to send routine reminders to reduce delays in receiving adequate care.
  • Build and establish Birthing Center to provide communities to increase access to quality care.
  • Launch a Midwifery school to increase the number of trained health care professionals.


We can't do it without you!